Display on external VGA screen

This project is to support using external USB VGA devices, such as the USB2VGA2, for display from the tablet. It includes the Xsisusb X-server.


Quick start


The current release, V0.3, is still a proof-of-concept. It has many restrictions, the most serious of which is that the X-server is only capable of about one update per second.

Please join the project mailing list if you are interested in this project.

To report a bug, see the current bug list, see the list of tasks still to do or to join the project (additional developers are very welcome) please visit the garage page for the project: https://garage.maemo.org/projects/xsisusb/. That is also the place to go to access the source code and the SVN repository.

Version history


Initial proof of concept. Contains sisusbvga device driver, sisbit PPM image display and Xsisusb X-server.


Updated proof of concept.